Narrative Budget

2013 Narrative Budget

In August 2012, our Session approved the following vision statement:

“First Presbyterian Church is committed to enabling our members to experience in their lives and share with the world the loving and life changing presence of the Triune God. We create spiritual growth opportunities and foster an environment that helps our church family understand, accept, and experience God’s unconditional love for each of us, and His offer for an individual relationship with Him that He extends to each of us.”

Our Narrative Budget is guided by this vision statement, and by the goals and action steps which were identified by our congregation. This narrative budget transforms line-item income and expenses into a living picture of the mission of the congregation. It tells you who we are, and what Jesus Christ is doing through the work, witness, and service of First Presbyterian Church.

Benevolence          $62,500
The benevolent portion of our budget is devoted to helping or doing good to others. We support thirty-one local organizations, and several overseas missionaries and ministries that impact, and in some cases, save lives.
• we contribute to the mission of RIFA’s (Regional Interfaith Association) many programs such as Soup Kitchen, or Snack backpack programs, which give aid to transients
• we minister to women through the Care Center, WRAP, Women of Hope, and the Dream Center
• we help children through CASA, Youth Town, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Carl Perkins Center.

Christian Education         $41,607
Christian Education is the experience of learning who we are in Christ, and how we live in Christ together. It is one of the two highest priorities in the ministry of FPC, and an essential element of every member’s life and spiritual growth. Through CE, our children, youth, and adults are learning the Gospel story, and how to live and share that story. The congregation’s educational needs are continuously assessed, and classes and activities are developed to meet those needs:
• two new staff people focus on Christian Education
• Rotation Sunday School, Youth programs, VBS, retreats and conferences, Small group ministry, Parenting Classes, a newly refurbished nursery, our BLAST program for children, attest to the vitality and diversity of our programs
• Pinecrest and NaCoMe and Family Camp host retreats and annual meetings

Worship and Music         $24,580
Worship is central to the life of our church. We want our worship to be warm and inviting to fill our sanctuary with enthusiastic worshipers, remembering that Christ’s primary call was to the un-churched and outcasts. Worship is where we most visibly encounter God as a congregation and where personal transformation is made possible.
• regular worship services and special services demonstrate the care and love of church members for each other
• the many music ministries demonstrate that worship and music are the heart of the church

Membership          $4,300
We aim to create an environment where every member is so enthusiastic about the church’s message and mission that they are compelled to share it with potential new members and are ambassadors of Jesus Christ to strangers:
• FPC has an attractive, informative, web page, and use a staff person to keep it up to date. First impressions are important, and our web presence is a vital part of our ministry.
• We welcome visitors and new members into the fellowship and ministry of FPC. Committed members follow up with each person and family who visit our congregation, share with them information about our church, and work to make them feel welcome.
• We sponsor Inquirers’ classes for prospective and new members
• We fund advertising and generally do everything possible to make visitors and new members feel welcome and encounter the life changing presence of Jesus Christ in and through this congregation.

Congregational Care         $1,520
Caring for the members of the congregation is the primary task of the Congregational Care ministry of the church. This is expressed through different initiatives which help our members experience and share the love of Jesus Christ in diverse and powerful ways:
• ministries, such as the Cornerstone Group events, new baby ministry, or ministry to our college students
• pictorial directory
• visitation and care for our homebound members
• prayer time in the chapel before worship each Sunday and prayer boxes placed around the church

Finance and Stewardship        $700
As God’s people, we are challenged to be faithful stewards, and to use the resources of the church wisely and appropriately in the service and ministry of Jesus Christ. In joyful response to God’s love and grace, we practice stewardship of time, talent, and money to extend God’s word within the community through two activities:
• intentional, year-round activities
• the pledging of time, talent, and money through our fall campaign

Discipleship          $500
Our goal is to create spiritual growth opportunities and foster an environment that helps our church family understand, accept, and experience God’s unconditional love and encounter the life-changing presence of Christ. Spiritual Growth is one of the two highest priorities in the ministry of FPC. The fostering of one’s commitment to discipleship must always be a priority. FPC is committed to enabling this growth, so that we who are the branches will always remain connected to Christ, who is the eternal Vine. This goal is achieved by:
• developing Bible Studies
• creating Advent devotional booklet
• Christian mentoring and spiritual growth retreats 

Fellowship and Wednesday Night Programs      $20,050
Dietrich Bonhoeffer reminds us that we are created for “life together.” The primary focus for the Fellowship Ministry is to enhance the congregation’s sense of community by providing inter-generational opportunities for fun and fellowship in the life of the church. A congregation that plays together stays together! This ministry coordinates:
• breakfast with Santa, the Easter egg hunt, and the Fall Festival
• cookouts, hayrides, ice cream socials, youth basketball
• Family Camp at Nacome, ball game outings
• outdoor worship service and dinner on the grounds
• Wednesday Night Programs (dinner at 5:15 followed by activities for all our children, youth, and college students, a small group Bible study, and Christian parenting for adults)

Service          $500
Our Ministry of Service aims to enable us to become a community where all members participate actively in joyful and loving service to God’s people, both within and outside our church, as an active expression of the love we are commanded to have for all God’s children. The goal is to achieve 100% participation of our active membership in at least one service opportunity during 2013.
• Room In The Inn, the peanut butter and jelly ministry, intergenerational mission trips, and food and clothes drives, give the congregation practical ways to serve others
• Sew Much Comfort and Threads of Love programs, Partners in Education, or RIFA’s Snack Backpack program help comfort and educate others

Personnel          $427,552
God often works most visibly through people. The staff of our church seeks to share the life-changing presence of Christ with our congregation and community in ways that make a powerful difference.
• FPC employs 24 part time and full time persons
• in addition, FPC leases part of its Education building to the Playschool which has its own staff

Property, Office, and other expenses       $179,885
The facility and property of First Presbyterian Church are widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and historic properties in West Tennessee. Keeping the physical plant of the church operating efficiently is a full time job, and it is expensive. Our long term plan pledges to “fund and implement a long term maintenance and energy conservation plan that allows us to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of our buildings and grounds, while minimizing the challenges of their management.” Staff and volunteers at FPC work as good and faithful stewards of the facility with which we have been blessed.
• the Memorial Carillon requires periodic maintenance
• the buildings require regular repair and preservation work of the historic decorative and architectural elements
• the church grounds, which is a designated Level 1 Arboretum, requires year-around care


The ministry of First Presbyterian Church is a complex, joyful celebration of the gifts and talents God has given this congregation! Because of your gifts, we are making a unique and positive difference in this community and beyond. It is a privilege for each of us to have a part in the ministry of this church, and it is important for all of us to have a part in this ministry. God has graciously given us so much – may we gratefully give in response.

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