Century Celebration

Happy 100th Birthday Memorial Hall!

We often fail to recognize the fact that Memorial Hall is truly a beautiful and historical treasure in this community.  Woodrow Wilson was President when Memorial Hall was built, and since that time, the beautiful structure has seen 16 Presidents take office.  It has stood faithfully during the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the arrival of The Beatles, numerous tornados, the destruction of the World Trade Towers, and many other events which have shaped our great nation.

During this Centennial Celebration, we give thanks that Memorial Hall, and the property of First Presbyterian Church, are now dedicated to the witness of Jesus Christ in this community and beyond. 

Offering envelopes will be made available at certain locations around the church. The contributions we receive in those envelopes will go into the Century Fund, an ongoing fund which will be used for the maintenance and preservation of the treasure we know as Memorial Hall!

Did You Know?

  • The first house on this property was here in 1824, was called "Willow Banks" and was a 640 acre estate.
  • Clarence and Sally Pigford purchased the property in 1912 and built this Greek Revival Style home in 1915, renaming the property "Chevy Chase", now known as Memorial Hall.
  • In 1951, Sally Pigford offered to donate the Chevy Chase property to First Presbyterian Church so that it might relocate from its downtown location.
  • In February of 1952, the church accepted the gift and plans were made to build the first of several buildings, the Carillon Tower.
  • The second building built was the Youth Activities Building (now known as the Fellowship Hall), followed by the Education Building, then the Sanctuary, (which was attached to the Carillon Tower), and then the Gym/Building.

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